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POLS Professors on Ukraine Panel

POLS Professors Bayulgen, Pressman, and Dyson participated in a forum on the situation in Ukraine. Photo by Robert Wishart:

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Bayulgen on WNPR

Prof. Oksan Bayulgen was a guest on WNPR’s “Where we live.” The discussion was on the crisis in Syria and Bayulgen was mostly asked about the Russian perspective on the latest developments regarding Syria. Congratulations!

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Winters on “Bargaining in World Bank Projects” (12:15pm, Oak 438)

Please join us for a lecture by Prof. Matthew S. Winters (University of Illinois) “Splitting the Check: Bargaining Over Counterpart Commitments in World Bank Projects” (paper) Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:15pm in Oak 438 Sponsored by the Department of Political … Continue reading

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Info Session on “Energy and Sustainable Development” (Istanbul, summer)

There will be an information session on Prof. Bayulgen’s study abroad program (Energy and Sustainable Development) this summer in Istanbul, Turkey. The session will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 12:30 pm in Rowe 134. Everyone is welcome. … Continue reading

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Summer POLS Course in Istanbul

Want to spend 3 wonderful weeks in Istanbul this summer? (June 14-July 8, 2013) – Earn 3 credits with POLS 3993 (Foreign Study) – Learn about challenges of sustainable energy – Meet energy experts, attend an international energy conference – … Continue reading

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New Course: Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century (Bayulgen)

POLS 2998 crosslisted with Chemical Engineering 4995 Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century Spring 2013 This course provides a truly interdisciplinary approach to understanding current energy issues. On the one hand, we will learn about the science, engineering and economics … Continue reading

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Bayulgen’s POLS 3208W Debates new oil pipeline

Prof. Oksan Bayulgen’s POLS 3208W (Politics of Oil) recently debated the proposition that, “The Keystone XL US-Canada pipeline should be built.” The affirmative team consisted of Ava McRoe and Dhrupad Nag (the tandem on the left below) and the opposing … Continue reading

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Faculty Participate in European Union-Funded Training for Kenyan Ministry of Finance Staff

Profs. Oksan Bayulgen, Shareen Hertel, and Matt Singer served as trainers for key segments of a 2-week training course on “Learning for International Development: Aid Effectiveness and Evaluation,” hosted by the UConn Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics. Prof. Boris … Continue reading

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Debates in Bayulgen’s Politics of Oil

Prof. Oksan Bayulgen orchestrated student debates in her course, the Politics of Oil. On April 19, students debated the proposition that ‘nuclear energy is needed as an alternative energy source.’ The debaters were Ashley Grenier, John Tyczkowski, Ben Fechter, and … Continue reading

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“Democratization in Turkey” discussion on April 3

Please join us for a panel discussion on democratization in Turkey * * *April 3, 2012, 4:40-6:30 pm* *Venue: Thomas J.Dodd Research Center Dodd Konover Auditorium* Presider & Moderator : *Dr. Oksan Bayulgen, Associate Prof. of Political Science, University of … Continue reading

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