Adam Kuegler ’17 Elected into Board of Trustees

Political Science major Adam Kuegler ’17 has been elected as the
Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Trustees. Congratulations!

We asked Adam a few questions about his Political Science interest.

How did you become interested in Political Science?

I became interested in politics after my 5th grade teacher recommended that our class watch CNN and learn about our world. In the years that followed, presidential elections pulled me in and I gradually became more involved in town, state, and national politics. Public service has been an important part of my life since a young age. Boy Scouts and church were always a major part of my life, so public service has always been a duty for me. I love the fact that I can be involved in something that interests me, while still serving the public. I’ve also been called a “policy wonk” more than a few times in my life. I love researching policy and looking for common sense solutions to important problems.

What do you plan to achieve as the undergraduate representative of the Board of Trustees?

As a Trustee, I want to work with others to work towards more transparent, efficient, and accountable governance. This should be a focus of any governing body. I plan to work with the Graduate Trustee and other trustees to make sure that we are always looking towards how resource allocation will benefit students. Additionally, I will be forming an informal group of student advisors to discuss issues that the Board is discussing or should be discussing.

More details about the election here!

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