International Studies Association Annual Conference, 2016

Prof. Jennifer Sterling-Folker (POLS) offers highlights of the recent 2016 ISA meeting:

The 2016 ISA Annual Meeting held in Atlanta, March 16-19, was the first run by ISA staff based here at UConn and was attended by a large number of UConn POLS faculty and graduate students.  The POLS faculty who presented at various panels and roundtables included Professors Alex Anievas, Zehra Arat, Stephen Dyson, Betty Hanson, Shareen Hertel, Jennifer Sterling-Folker, and Christine Sylvester.  A number of current graduate students presented and/or worked at the ISA registration desk, including Youssouf Bellamy, Thomas Briggs, Sercan Canbolat, Carol Gray, Alex Kriedenweis. Shawna Lesseur, Erica MacDonald, Matthew Parent, Gabriela Lafoya, Corrine Tagliarina, and Robert Wishart.

In addition, many graduate student alumni attended an informal UConn reception hosted by Jennifer Fontanella on Wednesday evening, including Jack Barry, Doug Becker, Benjamin Carbonetti, Natalie Hudson, Li Li, Zsolt Nyiri, Marc O’Reilly, Andrew Pieper, and Brian Urlacher.  Some recently graduated POLS Honors undergraduate students also participated, including Briana Bardos (now a graduate student at Emory) and Abdullah Hassan (now working in the White House Communications Office).  Apologies to anyone who was missed in these listings.

More photos here.


The ISA Governing Council, March 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia


Professors Arat, Hanson, Graduate Student alum. Li Li and Professor Sterling-Folker at UConn’s ISA reception


UConn Graduate Alumni Brian Urlacher, Michael O’Reilly, and  Zsolt Nyiri at UConn’s ISA reception..


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