Prof. Richards: Book and More

Prof. David Richards is co-author, with Jillienne Haglund, of a new book, Violence Against Women and the Law (Paradigm). Nicola Henry, of La Trobe University (Australia), said of the book:

“This is an impressive and far-reaching study of the role of law in eradicating violence against women in a global context. The authors use robust empirical data to examine whether the law actually makes a difference in the lives of women from 196 countries in the world. The authors expertly unravel the complexities of law’s influence and impact on gender-based inequality and violence, underscoring the need for cross-national data that track adoption and enforcement of domestic and international laws over time.”


Of late, Prof. Richards also was a guest on NPR’s Where We Live where he talked about the Senate Report on Torture. Listen here.

In addition (!), Prof. Richards blogged over at the WaPo’s Monkey Cage: “How laws around the world do and do not protect women from violence.” Well done!

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