Dyson on ‘The Leftovers’

Prof. Stephen Dyson wrote about HBO’s saturnine thought experiment ‘The Leftovers’ for the Monkey Cage, a political science blog hosted by the Washington Post. The central point: “The most vivid character, one of the few who seems not to have surrendered to a smothering depression (although it is an open question whether he has retained his grip on reality), is the police chief Kevin Garvey, played by series star Justin Theroux. Garvey still cares enough to get angry over turf wars with the federal government, and to react with humanity when the reconfigured Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives and Cults (ATFEC) offers to “eliminate the infestation” of a Guilty Remnant chapter in his town. In one of the very few instances of humor in the entire season, Garvey toasts a bagel which fails to emerge from the toaster oven – has his breakfast been raptured?”


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