Hayes Wins Best Paper Award

Prof. Thomas Hayes co-authored the paper that won the best paper award, the Bailey Award, from APSA’s LGBT Caucus. The paper is “Testing Backlash: The Influence of Political Institutions on Public Attitudes toward Gay Rights” by Ben Bishin, Hayes, Matthew Incantalupo, and Tony Smith.

The award committee reported:

The Committee found this to be a well-executed study of a very timely topic. In light of recent advancements in the area of military inclusion, marriage equality and other issues, the possibility of political backlash has become an important problem for both academic and political communities to understand more thoroughly. Through an interesting experimental design Bishin, Hayes, Incantalupo and Smith find little evidence of increased intensity of attitudes regarding gays and lesbians and same-sex marriage, challenging key pillars of the backlash thesis with significant empirical evidence. By adding new dimensions to the study of political backlash, they move away from the simplistic, but often widely accepted conclusion that political advances necessarily lead to backlash (and the implication that such advances should therefore be avoided). Rather, they provide empirical evidence that challenges such easy and potentially politically reactionary conclusions.

If you will be attending the annual APSA conference, the award will be presented at the LGBT Caucus Business Meeting on Saturday, August 30, 2014, at 12:15 pm in the Omni Forum Room.

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