Dyson on Borgen at Monkey Cage

Professor Stephen Dyson posted an appreciation of Danish political drama “Borgen” over at The Monkey Cage, a blog hosted by The Washington Post. Declaring Borgen “the best television show about politics ever,” Dyson writes “Although “Borgen” has been championed by some members of the U.S. cultural intelligentsia, and its gender politics has drawn the attention of at least one political scientist, widespread distribution in the United States has been stymied by a feeling that mainstream America will not stomach reading its television. This is a shame: One becomes quickly accustomed to the subtitles, and the show is genuinely warm and funny, not least when the effortlessly bilingual Danes drop in the unexpected English word here and there, often a curse and sometimes a telling import such as “spin doctor.” Subtitled or not, the show often got belly laughs from this viewer, most memorably when Nyborg’s aide Kasper Juul explains the rationale for shipping off a troublesome politician to a European Union post: “In Brussels, no one can hear you scream.”


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