UConn attends ISA conference

Prof. Sterling-Folker offers highlights of the recent International Studies Association annual conference:

“The 2013 ISA Annual Meeting held in San Francisco, April 3-6, was attended by a number of UConn faculty and graduate students.  Prof. Mark Boyer convened a Junior Scholar Symposium on Environmental Politics, presented a paper on adapting to climate change, and served as Chair and Discussant of a panel on Water Politics in the Developing World.  Prof. Jennifer Sterling-Folker presented on two of the five Innovative Panels sponsored by the ISA – “Why Theories of IR Need Theories of Foreign Policy” and “Mapping the Universe of IR Theories.” She was also appointed a member of the ISA Publications Committee.  Caryl Nunez presented two papers, one for a panel entitled “Women and Children First? Norms in War and Welfare,” and another for a panel entitled, “Norm-alizing LGBT Rights? The Politics and Processes of Human Rights Norm Diffusion.”   She also served as a discussant for the panel, “Decolonizing Feminist Theory and Gender Studies: Feminist, Post-Colonial, and Queer Interventions.”  Ashley Rasmussen presented her paper, “Role of Political Diffusion and Serbia’s Ability to Enter the European Union.”  Also in attendance were Prof. Betty Hanson, Prof. Christine Sylvester, Alex Kriedenweis, and Jason Charrette.”

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