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Briggs defends thesis on economic inequality

Bryant Briggs ’13 defended his senior thesis, “Economic Inequality: Whom does it concern?” He was advised by Prof. Lyle Scruggs. Congratulations!

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LaBelle defends senior thesis on R2P

Jacob LaBelle ’13 defended his senior thesis, “Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect.” He was advised by Prof. Jennifer Sterling-Folker. Congratulations!

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Rapsilber defends senior thesis on the IMF and Banks

Garrett Rapsilber ’13 defended his senior thesis, “Banking on a Rescue: IMF loan size and its relationship with US and money-center bank interests.” He was advised by Prof. Jennifer Sterling-Folker. Congratulations!

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Khalil defends senior thesis

John Khalil ’13 defended his senior thesis, “The Effects of Ideological Supplements on Individual Voting Behavior.” He was advised by Prof. Virginia Hettinger. Congratulations!

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Wallace defends senior thesis on German constitutions

Deanne Wallace ’13 defended her senior thesis, “Die Zeitsbewältigung: Perspectives of Time in 20th Century German Constitutions.” She was advised by Prof. Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh. Congratulations!

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Winters on “Bargaining in World Bank Projects” (12:15pm, Oak 438)

Please join us for a lecture by Prof. Matthew S. Winters (University of Illinois) “Splitting the Check: Bargaining Over Counterpart Commitments in World Bank Projects” (paper) Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:15pm in Oak 438 Sponsored by the Department of Political … Continue reading

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Richards Speaks at DePaul Law School

Prof. David Richards gave a talk on April 12, 2013, at DePaul Law School in Chicago titled “Domestic Laws on Violence Against Women: The Illustrative Case of Rape.”

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Pressman Review of 2008-09 Gaza War

Prof. Jeremy Pressman published an article review (PDF) of two articles that dealt with the 2008-09 battle between Israel and Gaza. The articles are Benjamin S. Lambeth, “Israel’s War in Gaza: A Paradigm of Effective Military Learning and Adaptation,” International Security 37:2 (Fall 2012): 81-118; … Continue reading

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AAUW Dissertation Fellowship

Yazmín A. García Trejo, a POLS PhD candidate, has been selected to receive a prestigious American Fellowship from the American Association for University Women (AAUW) for the 2013-2014 academic year. The fellowship funds the final year of dissertation writing. Yazmín … Continue reading

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Tracy Defends Senior Thesis

Sam Tracy ’13 defended his senior thesis, “Determinants of Electoral Support for Marijuana Legalization in the United States.” (abstract below) He was advised by Prof. Sam Best. Congratulations!               Abstract: This paper provides one … Continue reading

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