Prof. Gordon elected president of Caribbean Philosophical Association

We are pleased to share a press release from the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) about our soon-to-be colleague, Prof. Jane Gordon:

The Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Jane Gordon and Dr. Rosario Torres-Guevara as its new President and Vice-President. They will succeed Nelson Maldonado-Torres and Michael Monahan, whose term will conclude in the November of 2013 at the 10th anniversary conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The theme of the 10th year anniversary conference is “Shifting the Geography of Reason X: Exploring Decolonialities at the Dawn of a New Decade.” Please join us to celebrate the work of our outgoing president and vice-president and to inaugurate and welcome Dr. Gordon and Dr. Torres-Guevara in their new positions.

Information on the CPA is available here and on Facebook. Updates on the conference will be available at this site.

Jane Gordon (President Elect)

Jane Gordon, a specialist Africana social, political, and educational thought, modern and contemporary European social and political theory, methodologies in the social sciences, and contemporary slavery, is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and the Institute for African American Studies at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. She previously taught in the Department of Political Science at Temple University where she was a 2009–2010 faculty fellow at the Center for the Humanities. Her first book, Why They Couldn’t Wait: A Critique of the Black-Jewish Conflict over Community Control in Ocean Hill-Brownsville (RoutledgeFalmer 2001), was listed by the Gotham Gazette as one of the four best recent books on civil rights. She is co-editor with Lewis R. Gordon of Not Only the Master’s Tools (Paradigm, 2006) and of The Companion to African American Studies, which was the NetLibrary Book of the Month in February 2007. She is also the co-author of Of Divine Warning: Reading Disaster in the Modern Age and author of the forthcoming Creolizing Political Theory: Reading Rousseau through Fanon (Fordham UP, 2013). Her articles have appeared in the C.L.R. James Journal: A Review of Caribbean Ideas, Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy, differences, Journal of Contemporary Thought, The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies, Journal of Political Theology, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Performance Research, SOULS, and Philosophical Studies in Education. Her recent essay, “Theorizing Contemporary Practices of Enslavement: A Portrait of the Old and New,” won the American Political Science Association 2012 Foundations in Political Theory Best Paper Prize. She has been a member of the Caribbean Philosophical Association since its founding in 2003, the Secretary of Political Theory since 2008, and a member of the Executive Board since 2011.

Rosario Torres-Guevara (Vice President Elect)

Rosario Torres-Guevara is from Mexico. She earned her BA in Applied Linguistics with a concentration in Didactics from the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico. She earned her MA in TESOL (Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages) and her EdD in International Educational Development with a concentration in Bilingual and Bicultural Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research interests are language policy in education, immigration and education, and bilingual and intercultural education. Rosario has been a teacher for 16 years. She has taught a variety of courses including English as a Second Language (ESL) and as a Foreign Language (EFL); ESL/EFL Teacher Training and Lesson Planning; Language Arts; Immigration and Education; and Bilingual Education in various schools of Mexico and of New York City, which include CUNY City College; SUNY Educational Opportunity Center; Teachers College, Columbia University; Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon; and the Mexican-North American Institute of Cultural Relations. She is currently a faculty member at BMCC, CUNY. Dr. Torres-Guevara has been a member of the Caribbean Philosophical Association since 2005, a secretary since 2010, and a member of the Executive Board since 2011.

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