New Volume on Economic & Social Human Rights

A newly released volume from Cambridge University Press, The State of Economic & Social Human Rights: A Global Overview, edited by Lanse Minkler (ECON), offers interdisciplinary contributions aimed at enabling scholars and policy makers find the best ways to instantiate economic and social rights across multiple issue areas. The book includes chapter from two POLS faculty members and several POLS graduate students, including:

Susan Randolph (ECON) and Shareen Hertel (POLS), on “The Right To Food in Global Perspective”

Audrey Chapman (UConn Health Center) and Salil Benegal (POLS), on “Globalization and the Right to Health”

Lyle Scruggs (POLS), Christian Zimmerman (St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank), and Chris Jeffords (Eastern Connecticut State), on “Implementation of the human right to social security around the world: a preliminary analysis of national social protection laws”

Kristy Belton (POLS), on “Statelessness and economic and social rights”



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