Namaste Seeking Submissions from Undergraduates

Greetings from Namaste!

Namaste is a student journal of Human Rights here at the University of Connecticut. Every year, Namaste publishes 100% student content relating to human rights through scholarly and creative ways of expression. This includes articles, poems, photography, drawings, paintings or anything else that is creative and/or expresses the themes of human rights. The theme for this year’s journal is Health and Economic Human Rights!

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting submissions for this year’s Namaste Journal. For those of you who have just finished assignments for your Fall semester classes, this is a great opportunity to have your ideas and research published and distributed throughout the UConn community! Students of human rights, economics, and health are encouraged to apply, along with anyone else who may have produced work outside the classroom that demonstrates an interest in health or economic human rights. Being published in Namaste is a great recognition, and as such only the most exceptional pieces of work will be accepted. Think you have what it takes? Submissions can be emailed to namaste at now!

Submissions are due by March 1, 2013. We look forward to reviewing all of your submissions. Be sure to check for more information.


The Namaste Team

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