UConn Graduate Works on Mapping Terrorist Activity

Kevin McQuade ’11 (POLS) is a doctoral student in political science at University of Pittsburgh (PA). During Summer 2012, he served as a research assistant at Stanford University for Dr. Martha Crenshaw on the Mapping Militant Organizations Project, where he was involved in an NSF-funded study of global terrorist organizations. The links below provide some of the first publicly available data from this project, which Kevin describes as follows:

These interactive graphics detail the interactions between all militant organizations associated with al-Qaeda since the 1970s: who cooperates with whom, who opposes one another, etc. Viewers can read brief profiles of each group by clicking on the names. If you click on “settings” in the top left, and select “major attacks” and “leaders”, the graphic shows a display of when (and what) major attacks were carried out by the groups, as well as when leadership changed as a result of someone being killed or ascending to power. All have detailed information if you click on each event.

The second map offers fine grained country data. Click on “home” in the top left corner, for Pakistan (for example). If you want to read the full profiles, which are significantly more detailed, click “read full profile” link for each group, or click the second link below. I was responsible for creating and developing the profiles for the Iraqi and Afghan/Pakistani groups, along with all others listed in both maps.

Interactive map (Global AQ)

Profile list

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