Fleck attended SCUSA

We spoke with Megan Fleck ’13, one of two UConn delegates to the SCUSA conference in early November (See last Friday’s post for details on the other attendee, Eugenia Logie ’13).

Fleck at SCUSA

What did you learn at SCUSA?

Just several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the 64th annual Student Conference on US Affairs, which is a four-day-long conference at West Point Military Academy. I was put on the round table for globalization, trade, and political economy. The event was enlightening as we had three different table discussion sessions each day and for two of the evenings we went to panels where special guests such as Susan Eisenhower, the former president’s granddaughter, spoke. I learned a great deal about all things international relations, especially in relation to our table discussions where we talked about a variety of topics such as China’s growing economy and whether or not they were currency manipulators or whether or not we believed U.S. trade policy should be used to promote human rights and environmental objectives. There was such a difference in opinions amongst the group that table discussions were always lively and stimulating.

What was your favorite moment or session?

Although the table discussions were informative and I learned a great deal from the other members in my group, the best moments were preparing and presenting the skit that was to be performed on the last morning of the conference. Everyone in my group, despite different opinions and ideologies, worked extremely well together and got along great; therefore we had a great deal of fun putting together our skit. To represent the discussions on their topics, each table was required to do a skit, and watching and presenting these skits was a humorous way to learn about what the other tables had been discussing during their time at the conference.

Fleck at SCUSA #2

Did it affect your thinking about your future?

The conference really focused in on economic and political policies, which relates to both of my majors here at UConn, Political Science and International Business. My career plans are to work in business, and although the conference focused heavily on government creating and implementing policies, this did certainly get me thinking about the future. While I may not have plans to work in government, as someone who hopes to go into international business it is important to understand all of these concepts discussed since there is still heavy governmental regulation on businesses in some of the emerging countries such as China. The conference did not change my career goals, however it did give me new insights that will only help me in the business career I hope to pursue.

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