New Website with Voting Data

Prof. Jeff Ladewig, Prof. Sam Best, POLS graduate student Cliff Vickrey, and Prof. Brian S. Krueger (URI) just launched a new website – – to inform people about voting and elections. The site was recently featured on The Monkey Cage.

From the organizers:

“Using information derived from the census and national exit polls, we have analyzed the behavior of a wide range of demographic groups in federal elections spanning as far back as the 1972 Presidential election. Users can now easily find information such as:

• The Presidential and House candidate preferences of various voting groups over time
• Voting group’s attitudes about political issues and the economy over time
• Trends in voting group’s behaviors such as church attendance and workforce participation
• The voter registration and voter turnout rates for different demographic groups over time
• The changes in the relative size of groups in the adult citizen population and the electorate
• Information about how to register and vote in the 50 U.S. states
• Information about barriers to registering and voting across the country

Our results can be viewed in both tabular and graphical formats. These tables and graphs can be downloaded to your personal computer for a variety of uses, ranging from background research on elections, to handouts for in-class student discussion, to presentations on voting behavior and elections.”

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