Turcotte Teaching Two Summer Courses

POLS/WGSS 3216 Women in Political Development

Professor Heather M. Turcotte
heather.turcotte at uconn.edu

May Session 2012
M-F, 9:00am – 12noon
CB 111

This course is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of political development and its relationship to the category “women.” The course explores the production of gender as a system of power that circumscribes political life and generates inequality through sexual, racial, and class divisions on a global scale.  Through films, readings, and class discussions, the course investigates how the international system is gendered, and why women’s bodies continue to be a site in which global politics is performed.   Topics include: conflict and security, development, human rights, labor and migration, nation building, and transnational justice.

POLS 1402 Introduction to International Relations

Summer Session II, July 9 – August 17, 2012


This course provides a foundation and critical examination into the field of International Relations.  It serves as an introductory survey course that builds a framework for students to explore and understand the complexity of representations and problematics of international, world cultures and global politics. Topics of analysis include epistemologies of IR, race and gender formations, colonialisms and decolonizations, global political economy and labor, citizenship and nationalisms, international development and migration, militarization and global security, international law and justice.

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