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Litt Defends Thesis on Politics and War Films

Jeffrey Litt ’12 defended his thesis, “Free America versus Captain America: The rise of political expression on war in the American film industry.” He was advised by Prof. Stephen Dyson.

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Nave defends senior thesis

Rachael Nave ’12 defended her senior thesis, “World Society or Cultural Pluralism? The Role of Culture and the International Community in the American and Iranian Women’s Movements.” She was advised by Prof. Virginia Hettinger.

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Debates in Bayulgen’s Politics of Oil

Prof. Oksan Bayulgen orchestrated student debates in her course, the Politics of Oil. On April 19, students debated the proposition that ‘nuclear energy is needed as an alternative energy source.’ The debaters were Ashley Grenier, John Tyczkowski, Ben Fechter, and … Continue reading

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Singer posts on economy and elections

Prof. Matthew Singer posted at the Monkey Cage: “Which Economy is it, Stupid? Part II: Comparative Edition.” Singer looks at what studies in comparative politics tell us about how economic conditions affect elections results.

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Hauswirth defends thesis on Poll Design

Shaylyn Hauswirth ’12 defended her senior thesis, “Measuring Public Confidence in Polls Based on Varying Aspects of Survey Design.” She was advised by Prof. Samuel Best.

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Buckman defends thesis on Education Policy in CT

Brien Buckman ’12 defended his thesis, “Unheard Perspectives: The Framing of Primary andy Secondary Education Policy in Connecticut.” He was advised by Prof. Michael Morrell.

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Guha defends thesis on farmer suicide in India

Jen Guha ’12 defended her senior thesis, “Farmer Suicides in Maharashtra, India: Facts, Factors, and Possible Fixes.” She was advised by Prof. Betty Hanson.

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