Fellowships for Afghanistan Research, Travel

****Call for Applications****
AIAS John F. Richards Fellowship Program

The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies (AIAS) invites applications for support of short-term research or other scholarly projects that will advance the knowledge of Afghanistan. The Institute will be accepting applications for proposed projects along two tiers of the John F. Richards Fellowship Program. The program includes two different types of fellowships. Applicants must be individual members of AIAS to apply. For more information on membership, please see the AIAS web site.

Deadline: March 15, 2012
Announcements: Approximately April 15, 2012

Research Fellowship
Eligible: U.S. Citizens (only)
Designed for: Pre-doctoral, Post-doctoral, Junior and Senior Scholars*
Restrictions: Cannot be used for travel to, from or within Afghanistan
Average Award: $6,000

Afghanistan Travel Fellowship
Eligible: U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, Non-U.S. Citizens with a U.S. Institutional Appointment
Designed for: Senior Scholars*
Restrictions: None
Average Award: $3,000

Applicants may apply for one or both of the fellowships when submitting his or her application** Interested applicants should submit the following material.

Online Application Form (click here to access the form)

1. Name, Address, and Citizenship Information.
2. Project Title.
3. Indication of which fellowship you will apply for.
4. Total amount requested.
5. Current position and academic affiliation
6. Degrees granted with dates and granting institution
7. Brief abstract of the project of approximately 250 words for potential use on the AIAS web site.
8. Names of three individuals from whom you have requested letters of reference. Each such referee should be instructed to mail or fax the letter directly to AIAS at address below.

Additional Items by E-Mail or Mail

1. Full CV, containing the following information: Full name, Preferred address, Current position or academic affiliation, Degrees granted with dates and granting institution, Significant publications list, previous publications and Afghan related works in progress.
2. Statement describing the nature of the proposed research or project, including the contribution it will make to Afghan studies. This should be double-spaced and not to exceed 1,500 words.
3. Full budget narrative.
4. Three letters of recommendation.
5. Project timetable with research locations.

Additional Items may be sent to:

E-mail: mailto:aias.boston at gmail.com


Michael Carroll
AIAS US Administrative Director
Boston University
232 Bay State Road, Room 426
Boston, MA 02215 USA
Fax: 617 358-4650 Phone: 617 358-4649

* Senior scholar denotes a scholar or practitioner who holds a tenure-track or tenure-equivalent position at a higher education institution, or an individual or independent scholar who can demonstrate significant experience in research or academic activity. For questions of eligibility, please contact AIAS.

**Individuals may apply for both fellowships, provided that they meet all restrictions and can demonstrate significant distinction between projects. Individuals must be able to effectively demonstrate within their proposal that no funds will be used to travel to or in support of traveling to Afghanistan under the research fellowship. (Example: Research funds cannot be used for a flight to Europe to defer the cost of travel to Afghanistan.) For additional information, please contact the AIAS office.

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