Belton most read article

Kristy Belton, a graduate student in POLS, currently has the most read article in The Journal of Global Ethics. Her article is “The Neglected Non-Citizen: statelessness and liberal political theory,” published in The Journal of Global Ethics 7:1 (2011).

This article challenges the theoretical exclusion of the stateless within liberal political theory. It analyses the treatment of statelessness within the works of three prominent theorists on just membership and contends that these authors ignore the stateless as a unique category of non-citizen. The article explains why statelessness demands a distinct theoretical framework than is currently provided for within liberal political theory. The article contends that just membership questions necessitate not simply looking at who is let in and what naturalization procedures should be extended to them, but also entails examining who has always been on the inside and to whom we need to justify their continued exclusion.

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