Turcotte teaching winter course

POLS/WS 3216: Women in Political Development
Winter Intersession, 27 December 2011 – 13 January 2012
Monday – Friday, 9:00am–12:15pm

Professor Heather M. Turcotte
Political Science & Women’s Studies
heather.turcotte at uconn.edu


This course is an interdisciplinary approach to the study of political development in its relation to the category “women” and to the production of gender.  We will explore how social, political and cultural constructions of sexual difference influence the knowledge and practice of political life on a global scale. Of particular focus is the ways in which power is gendered and how gender has served as a basis for political organization, the distribution of power, and the boundaries of citizenship. Taking into consideration the continued state of war within world affairs, this course is designed to place the question of “women and political development” in the context of the various international frameworks that purport to grant rights, equality and protections to women in “conflict zones.”  Towards this end, we will consider questions governing the relationship of gender to the state, development, security, human rights and academia from a transnational perspective.


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