Barkin talk on IR theory, October 7

Professor Samuel Barkin will be visiting the Proseminar in IR (POLS5300) on Friday, October 7th from 11AM-1PM to discuss his book Realist Constructivism:  Rethinking International Relations Theory.

Samuel Barkin is Associate Professor of Global Governance and Human Security at the University of Massachusetts Boston, and Visiting Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Wellesley College.  He has a PhD from Columbia University in Political Science, and researches and teaches in the fields of international relations theory, international organization, and international fisheries politics.  His books include Realist Constructivism:  Rethinking International Relations Theory; International Organization: Theories and Institutions;  Social Construction and the Logic of Money: Financial Predominance and International Economic Leadership;  Anarchy and the Environment: The International Relations of Common Pool Resources (co-edited with George Shambaugh);  and, most recently, Fish (co-authored with Elizabeth DeSombre).

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