Duelfer to visit campus

Charles A. Duelfer, former Special Advisor to the Director of the CIA on Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction and a UConn graduate, will visit campus on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Duelfer is the author of the ‘Duelfer Report‘ which provides the definitive account of Saddam’s pursuit of WMD.

Prof. Stephen Dyson, who co-authored an article with Duelfer on U.S. / Iraq misperceptions, said that “the mark of a top political science program is engagement with the real world, and the best way to do that is to forge links across the academia / practitioner boundary. When Charles visits, our students get a glimpse of international affairs as they really are.”

During his visit, Charles will speak to classes on international relations and world political leaders, and hold a Q & A on the operations of the United Nations (he is former Deputy Executive Chairman of the UN Special Commission on Iraq) with members of UConn’s Model United Nations student organization (UCMUN). The visit is sponsored by UCMUN.

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