Congressional Internship apps due Sept. 27

Applications for the Honors Congressional Internship are due September
27, 2011.  Students DO NOT need to be in the honors program to apply. Apply here.

The Washington, D.C. Congressional Honors Internship Program is a program designed to give University of Connecticut students of all majors the opportunity to work as interns with their congressional representatives in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives.

The program enriches UCONN students’ curriculum by introducing them to both the theory and practice of Congress, D.C. politics, and the inner-workings of politics at the federal level in four ways: (1) a spring semester, 35-hour per week internship with a State of Connecticut Congress member (2) a 12-hour credit course on Congress and American politics (3) various supplemental programming featuring guest speakers who are “D.C. Insiders,” American politics scholars, and UCONN alumni and (4) a 9-hour (three hours per day/per month) community service project convened in the context of Washington, D.C. Through engaging in their everyday internship work, scholarly
discussions about congressional politics, and service to the Washington, D.C. community, students will analyze the conversions and diversions between theory, practice, and service in politics, writ large.

Interested students should go to the Study Abroad web site to apply.

Questions? Please contact Prof. Virginia A. Hettinger
virginia.hettinger at

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