Jervis Audio on Political Science & Politics

Prof. Robert Jervis, a renowned expert in international affairs and former president of the American Political Science Association, delivered the keynote address at the 3rd annual Democracy & Governance conference at UConn on March 25, 2011:

Political Science and Politics: Multiple and Difficult Relationships

The audio is now available for download (MP3). (1:12:45)

Jervis addressed a wide range of connections including the way in which political science borrows from other disciplines and the responsibilities that entails; the importance of looking to real-world events, not just academic debates, for new research questions; the need for public service; the question of political bias and the high proportion of liberals and Democrats in academia; and the general sophistication needed to study politics.

After an introduction by Bernadette LaMontagne, the head conference organizer and a UConn graduate student in political science, Jervis delivered his lecture and then answered questions from the packed house.

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