SUMMER: King to teach Intro to Political Theory (in Waterbury)

Shaun King will be teaching POLS 1002, “Introduction to Political Theory,” (Section W11) during the May 2011 term at UConn’s Waterbury Campus. For further information, email shaun.king at

What is a key political issue that the course addresses?

One key political issue we discuss at length is the problem surrounding equality. Simply put, should our public culture and laws promote a limited scope of equality-of-opportunity or a more active promotion of equality-of-result? Our course introduces and clarifies the various uses of terms like “equality” so that students see and can articulate the various meanings in political discourse.

When you were a student, did you ever take a course like this one you now teach?

Yes, it surprised me because I expected the course to be dry and abstract. I found instead that it was relevant to contemporary political issues, useful for understanding them, and valuable for helping me understanding how my own beliefs are part of a larger set of ideas that are in competition with other exciting theories.

Do you use innovative teaching methods?

I always use my laptop and a projector outlining the lecture notes to help organize our topics. I use creative ways to incorporate videos, photographs, and paintings into my slideshows to visually reinforce our discussions. Sometimes I do most of the talking, and other times the student discussion drives the lecture.

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