Roundtable on “Protests in the Arab World,” 3:30 pm

This event is over but you may still watch it or read about the discussion of protests, democratization, Egypt, the Maghreb, U.S. policy, strategic interests, and what lies ahead:
See the Video
Christine Buckley’s take at UConn Today
Russell O’Brien in The Daily Campus
Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum blogged about it.

You are invited to a ROUNDTABLE:

“Protests in the Arab World: Egypt, Tunisia, and Beyond”

Student Union 304B

KATHARINA VON HAMMERSTEIN (Modern & Classical Languages / Global Citizenship Curriculum Committee)

ADRIA LAWRENCE (Political Science, Yale)

REDA AMMAR (Computer Science and Engineering)

ABDELKADER CHEREF (Modern & Classical Languages / French)

JEREMY PRESSMAN (Political Science, Middle East Studies)

With participation of UCONN graduate students from the region.

Light refreshments will be served.

CO-SPONSORED BY: Global Citizenship Curriculum Committee, Middle East Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Dean’s Office

CONTACTS: von.Hammerstein at, Jeremy.Pressman at, Cyrus.Zirakzadeh at, and globalcitizenship at,

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